An iceberg floating in the sea

COP and the University of Edinburgh

As the world turns towards COP28 in the United Arab Emirates we reflect on our extraordinary work addressing the challenges of the global climate crisis.

Revolutionising seagrass restoration

Sarah LincolnAug 1, 20237 min read
How a concept for an underwater seed-planting robot by an Edinburgh graduate could spark a sea change in blue carbon storage solutions.

Adjusting for humanity’s fingerprints

Derek MainFeb 2, 20236 min read
Six years ago, Professors Gabi Hegerl and Simon Tett’s work to prove human-caused greenhouse gasses are warming our planet underpinned the 2015 Paris Agreement. Today they argue we still aren’t doing enough to adapt to climate change.

Governments need to begin fighting climate change at home

Dr Ian CochranDec 13, 20225 min read
Leaders need to do more to signal that the only future is a green one. Otherwise the financial sector will have an excuse to continue to bet on fossil fuels.

COP26: Are we looking for success in the wrong places?

Elizabeth BombergSep 8, 20225 min read
To find real progress at the summit look past world leaders shaking hands to what is happening beyond the negotiating rooms.

Good COP or bad COP?

Stuart HaszeldineSep 8, 20228 min read
Incremental progress was made in Glasgow, but change needs to happen faster. The climate does not wait for politics, and it remains headed for an ever deeper crisis.

Was COP26 a success?

Professor Dave ReaySep 8, 20224 min read
The climate summit in Glasgow saw the planet take major steps towards addressing the climate crisis, but stumble attempting the giant leap needed to limit warming to 1.5C.

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