Inspiring minds

How our learning and teaching is building the next generation of leaders, thinkers and creators.

In the genes

Sarah LincolnJun 12, 20249 min read
Final-year epigenetics PhD student Kamila Malysz is the winner of the new Emerging Female Entrepreneur award at the University’s Inspire Launch Grow awards for student enterprise. She shares her journey from her childhood interest in biology to running her own lab that harnesses exosomes to make drug therapies more efficient and accessible.

The importance of empathy for climate action

Nick BarnesFeb 28, 20248 min read
Joud Almanie brings a distinctive perspective to discussion of the climate crisis. An understanding and empathy for different nation’s stances may be what the urgent need for action demands.

Swimming with the entrepreneurial tide

Derek MainDec 20, 20237 min read
Students at Edinburgh have great opportunities to become part of its ever growing community of startup and spinout innovators. One former student recalls how he discovered - and capitalised upon - this opportunity to make a difference.

The Edinburgh hyperloop heroes

Content TeamSep 21, 20232 min read
Our students are getting HYPED to make the next transport of the future a reality.

The Big Sort

Nick BarnesAug 29, 20238 min read
Each year, as students move out of their University accommodation for the summer, a small army of volunteers moves in. Their mission? To reduce, reuse and recycle, and show that one student’s trash might be another’s treasure.

Revolutionising seagrass restoration

Sarah LincolnAug 1, 20237 min read
How a concept for an underwater seed-planting robot by an Edinburgh graduate could spark a sea change in blue carbon storage solutions.

A force for good

Charlotte StapleyJul 31, 20238 min read
Does a business have the power to change the world? University of Edinburgh alumni Karis Gill and Aayush Goyal certainly think so.

Capturing our extraordinary Edinburgh

Sarah LincolnMar 3, 20237 min read
The annual student photography competition winners showcase extraordinary images of the city.

Meet the young leaders shaping Africa’s future

Andrew MoffatJan 25, 20239 min read
A pioneering programme, sponsored by the Mastercard Foundation, has empowered hundreds of inspirational young students from the continent since 2016. We met some of the current cohort, all who have ambitions to change the world.

The APEX adventure

Charlotte StapleyNov 17, 20228 min read
University of Edinburgh medical students are aiming high with their research expeditions to Bolivia.

Bridging the STEM recruitment gap

Nick BarnesAug 17, 202211 min read
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, collectively known as STEM subjects, are considered key drivers of a country’s innovation and economic growth. Yet STEM subjects face an ongoing recruitment problem – one the Hands-On! student society has been established to tackle.

The Edinburgh Ocean Leaders

Claire SimpsonJul 22, 20228 min read
Learning at the University of Edinburgh takes many shapes and forms and is not limited to any specific age group. Here, we discover how the University is supporting mid-career graduates to fulfil a shared desire to make the world a better place.

Believe the hype

Claire SimpsonJul 7, 20227 min read
Edinburgh student society HYPED is developing the technology and ideas that could change the way we all travel in the future. HYPED President Stella Antonogiannaki tells us about the potential of high-speed transport systems, learning how to be a leader, and bold ambitions.

The students transforming their University experience

Sarah LincolnMay 6, 20229 min read
Meet two recent graduates who accessed additional funding support and work experience programmes offered by the University to boost their own self-motivation and follow their dream career paths.

Edinburgh Cares Mentoring Programme

Charlotte StapleyFeb 17, 20226 min read
University of Edinburgh staff are mentoring care-experienced students and supporting their journey through higher education.