Our people

Meet the extraordinary individuals making a difference.

On a space mission

Sarah LincolnOct 12, 20238 min read
As the University’s Space Sector Business Development Lead, Kristina Tamane is on a mission to launch collaborations between academia and industry that are out of this world.

Stepping up

Máire CoxSep 19, 20236 min read
When hundreds of Ukrainian children arrived in Edinburgh’s schools Katia Popova and her students organised tutoring, translation and tunes.

Rebuilding a war-torn country: Meeting the future of Ukraine

Emma ReekieMay 31, 20238 min read
A pioneering Twinning Initiative has boosted bonds between Edinburgh and Ukraine, strengthening the cross-border exchange of people and ideas.

Accountability needs you

Derek MainMay 4, 20239 min read
For history graduate Blair Glencorse, a brief conversation in Nepal was the catalyst for an idea that has become a 25-million-strong global movement of people making the world fairer and more accountable for us all.

Introducing the University’s first Gaelic writer in residence

Geraldine DickJan 4, 20234 min read
Author, poet and storyteller Martin MacIntyre will take up the new role for the next two years.

Meet the alumni making waves in the climate crisis

Geri DickNov 23, 20225 min read
Edinburgh is celebrating some of its former students at the forefront of the global climate response.

Supercomputing’s super potential

Derek MainNov 2, 20229 min read
Having been at the leading edge of supercomputing, and its extraordinary growth over the past 30 years, Professor Mark Parsons believes we’re just at the cusp of exploiting its mind-blowing potential.

The connection creator

Derek MainOct 28, 20228 min read
From the helm of the University's Edinburgh Futures Institute, Professor Chris Speed is drawing on his creative credentials and passion for connection to unite the brightest and best in designing data-driven solutions to the biggest, most complex and interconnected challenges facing the world today.

Towards a technomoral future

Sarah LincolnOct 14, 202211 min read
Are ethics and technology distinctly disconnected or inextricably linked? With Professor Shannon Vallor at the helm of the University’s new Centre for Technomoral Futures, these two traditionally separate areas of research are uniting to ensure a society increasingly driven by artificial intelligence and data can flourish.

A low-cost lifesaver

Nick BarnesSep 5, 20228 min read
Childbirth is never risk-free, particularly in poorer or disadvantaged countries where restricted access to modern equipment can have a devastating impact. One graduate’s ingenuity is attempting to redress that balance.

Bigger than Bond

Stephen PhelanSep 5, 20228 min read
The world of OO7 is expanding thanks to Kim Sherwood, lecturer in creative writing and one of the first female authors in the official series of James Bond novels. With the publication of 'Double or Nothing' she talks updating spies and surprising family ties.

Co-creating the curriculum

Charlotte StapleyAug 12, 20228 min read
Involving students in creating their own curriculum could be the future of higher education suggests Professor Catherine Bovill.

King of the dinosaurs

Corin CampbellFeb 24, 20227 min read
Fistbumping movie stars, getting messages from Hollywood directors and making dinosaurs fluffy – it’s all in a day’s work for Professor Steve Brusatte as an adviser on the newest film in the Jurassic Park franchise.

Programming the future of education

Charlotte StapleyFeb 22, 20228 min read
Digital education expert Professor Sian Bayne is challenging us to see technology not just as a tool for learning, but as something that fundamentally alters how we learn.

A model of health

Sarah LincolnFeb 21, 20228 min read
When it comes to applying modelling to improve global health, Professor Evropi Theodoratou is an expert.