Our shared world

How the University is using its influence for the benefit of Edinburgh, Scotland and beyond.

Free to flourish: Community groups thrive in University spaces

Emer O’TooleApr 15, 20246 min read
Local groups are being offered the free use of the University of Edinburgh’s spaces following the successful pilot of a new scheme.

Working together to see Scotland beyond net zero

Global warming demands urgent action. The Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow are joining forces to help tackle the world's greatest existential threat.

How to reframe Seasonal Affective Disorder

Sarah LincolnJan 12, 20248 min read
Winter blues getting you down? Researchers have developed free online resources to help people who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder to see the season in a new light.

Navigating misinformation: How linguistics can help

Emer O’TooleDec 12, 20239 min read
Dr Chris Cummins’ research examines how even the most perceptive member of the public can be led astray by politicians, advertisers or social media companies employing techniques like deflection, denial and polarisation, and how linguistics can help.

What are our words worth in the digital age?

Emer O'TooleOct 19, 20238 min read
Dr Pip Thornton’s work examines the economic, political and cultural impact of Google’s monetisation of language.

Getting ready for a data driven future

Professor Peter MathiesonOct 12, 20234 min read
Data is the new currency and it’s crucial that we equip our communities to take full advantage of the opportunities it creates.

The ties that bind us

Derek MainJun 23, 20237 min read
As the University launches a unique international collaboration with the Cervantes Institute to bring its Spanish language and cultural offering to Scotland for the first time, the man in the chair, Professor of Contemporary Spanish Literature, Alexis Grohmann, reflects on its impact on Edinburgh and Scotland, language learning's myriad mental and physical wellbeing benefits, and our place in Europe.

Why we are fossil free

Sarah Ford-HutchinsonApr 1, 20236 min read
 To solve the climate crisis, every facet of the economy has to do and think differently. How are the University’s investments helping?

Get fit without a gym

Charlotte StapleyDec 22, 20228 min read
University of Edinburgh researchers are combatting physical inactivity across the globe.

A sign of change

Charlotte StapleySep 27, 20229 min read
University of Edinburgh experts are identifying and breaking down barriers that deaf staff and students often face in their journey through higher education.

Why are we afraid to talk about our ageing workforce?

Derek MainJun 30, 20226 min read
Working into later life is now a reality for most of us. But a longer working life doesn’t necessarily mean a healthier one. Professor Wendy Loretto wants to improve job quality and options for workers over 50.

Learning from the student of light

Ronnie KerrMay 23, 20226 min read
Robert Blomfield's photos of post-war Edinburgh capture a city filled with light and life. Now housed at the University, his rich archive provides a snapshot of a changeable time when the old and the new slipped in and out of the shadows.

Reimagining reparations for African enslavement

Charlotte StapleyMar 23, 202210 min read
The impact of the slave trade can still be seen today. Redefining what reparatory justice looks like could be the key to begin repairing what was broken.

Life beyond our planet

Sarah LincolnMar 10, 20228 min read
Could humans live on the Moon and Mars? Professor of Astrobiology Charles Cockell is, with the help of prisoners, on a mission to answer how we might survive the extreme and confined conditions of space settlement.

Community at the heart of culture

Vicki BellFeb 7, 20221 min read
Edinburgh students have a unique opportunity to take part in one of the world's largest arts festival each year. Edinburgh's researchers are able to share their research directly with the public.