Research with impact

Based on our established excellence in discovery science and ambitions for our research, we have three areas where we aim to make a significant difference. These are our research missions, full of stories of how our extraordinary research is advancing knowledge, breaking barriers and unlocking innovation

Using AI’s power to fight climate change

Corin CampbellDec 7, 20239 min read
Whether climate change or AI poses the greatest threat to humanity depends on which of the world’s brightest minds you ask. But how can the power of the latter be harnessed to help tackle the former?

How AI can help us live better for longer

Jennifer TruelandNov 20, 20239 min read
As populations become older and greyer, the more they rely on over-stretched health services and families. Can AI play a role in helping make our golden years truly golden?

What video games can teach us about the past

Dr Glaire D AndersonOct 9, 20235 min read
Outside of fun and excitement, video games have the potential to offer relevant history lessons. How much impact can they have on our understanding of the past?

How downplaying green benefits could boost plant-based meat

Jennifer YuleSep 26, 20236 min read
Plant-based meat sales are stagnating. To get it on more plates - and take pressure off the environment - does it need a rebrand that ignores its eco-friendly credentials?

AI’s moment of truth

Stephen PhelanSep 18, 202310 min read
AI is creating increasingly convincing, but fake, versions of reality. What does this mean for professions that pursue veracity, such as the law and journalism?

AI finds drugs that could fight ageing

Vanessa Smer-BarretoJul 13, 20234 min read
Drugs that could help stave off the effects of ageing and age-related diseases have been discovered using artificial intelligence (AI).

Fossil discovery puts plant evolution in a spin

Naturally occurring Fibonacci spirals have long mesmerised scientists. A new study of ancient plant fossils has revealed a surprising twist about the patterns.

Deer reveal nature’s secrets across half a century

Marie-Anne RobertsonJun 27, 20239 min read
A 50-year study of red deer on a remote Scottish island is providing new insights into evolution in action and the impact of climate change in the natural world.