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Top Edinburgh Impact stories of 2023

Featuring reflections on some of the year’s biggest stories – AI, climate change, the future of travel.

As 2023 draws to a close, we wanted to share a selection of our stories that have had the most impact this year.

The following articles have been selected based upon their resonance with our readers, our writers and our editors. It is presented in no particular order.

These ten features are a snapshot of the events and issues that have dominated the world in 2023 – some global in scope, others at a more human scale. It also shows the ways in which the University of Edinburgh community met such challenges through their ideas, expertise, research and actions.

We hope you enjoy and you will continue to share in our Edinburgh Impact in 2024 and beyond.

Russia’s war against its own future

Russia’s war against its own future

Professor Luke MarchFeb 20, 20236 min read
One year on from its invasion of Ukraine, how has the conflict affected Russia's view of its leaders and place in the world? Disinterest is rife, dissent is scarce, and a dictatorship is settling in.
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Looking back to the future of Edinburgh’s AI legacy

Rhona CrawfordApr 3, 20239 min read
Edinburgh is celebrating 60 years of computer science and AI research. Take a closer look at some of the key discoveries, now embedded in everyday life, and the people behind them.
A song cycle geared for the long haul

A song cycle geared for the long haul

Ronnie KerrApr 5, 20237 min read
A remarkable project that uses opera singing to transform the lives of people affected by long Covid is also creating an inspirational collection of songs.
KNU students at the University of Edinburgh's School of Chemistry

Rebuilding a war-torn country: Meeting the future of Ukraine

Emma ReekieMay 31, 20238 min read
A pioneering Twinning Initiative has boosted bonds between Edinburgh and Ukraine, strengthening the cross-border exchange of people and ideas.
Hinds on Kilmory beach, Rum National Nature Reserve

Deer reveal nature’s secrets across half a century

Marie-Anne RobertsonJun 27, 20239 min read
A 50-year study of red deer on a remote Scottish island is providing new insights into evolution in action and the impact of climate change in the natural world.
A man wearing a Hyped top looks onto a crowd

The Edinburgh hyperloop heroes

Content TeamSep 21, 20232 min read
Our students are getting HYPED to make the next transport of the future a reality.
skyscrapers in the Sydney business district

Is compassion something we can ever expect in the economy?

Dr Katherine TrebeckSep 28, 20236 min read
Corporate scandals make greed seem an inevitable outcome of the economy. Can compassion take root in such a hard-nosed system?
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What video games can teach us about the past

Dr Glaire D AndersonOct 9, 20235 min read
Outside of fun and excitement, video games have the potential to offer relevant history lessons. How much impact can they have on our understanding of the past?
student gathered around a laptop, talking.

Getting ready for a data driven future

Professor Peter MathiesonOct 12, 20234 min read
Data is the new currency and it’s crucial that we equip our communities to take full advantage of the opportunities it creates.
Illustrated view of planet Earth and the Moon from space.

On a space mission

Sarah LincolnOct 12, 20238 min read
As the University’s Space Sector Business Development Lead, Kristina Tamane is on a mission to launch collaborations between academia and industry that are out of this world.

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