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The Edinburgh hyperloop heroes

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Our students are getting HYPED to make the next transport of the future a reality.

According to Government statistics, transport produced almost a quarter of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions in 2020. However, there is still increasing demand for faster, more efficient and affordable transport options. How do we overcome such a dichotomy?

Enter Hyperloop.

Dubbed the transport of the future, Hyperloop is an ultra-high speed transport system, which could see passengers and cargo travelling at speeds of around 600-700 miles per hour inside cylindrical pods, and Edinburgh students are working to make this future a possibility.


The University of Edinburgh’s student team – HYPED – is part of an international movement working to bring Hyperloop technology closer to reality.

Following the construction of its first prototype pod in 2017, the team has grown into a thriving and diverse society of around 130 students from across the University.

European Hyperloop Week

This year HYPED also hosted European Hyperloop Week – welcoming student teams from 24 countries including Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Turkey and India to the city. The annual gathering brings student engineers, computer scientists, physicists and project managers together to test, compete, network and share ideas and about Hyperloop.

We talked to members of HYPED, and other teams, to help explain the Hyperloop concept and what they were hoping to achieve from attending European Hyperloop Week.

Image credit: Sam Sills