A satellite floats in space over the planet earth

Edinburgh: Space Data Capital of Europe

With a growing and expanding list of key colleagues across the University working on space-based projects, The University of Edinburgh is a Space University. Our researchers work in an extraordinary range of space-related activities: engineers are exploring the management of fire risk in space, and developing rocket fuel pods; chemists are developing clean-burn rocket fuels; and astronomers are tracking the skies for space debris. We even have teams developing deep-space probes, and others writing literature about space.

Seeing the Universe in a new light

Corin CampbellOct 13, 20228 min read
How did the first galaxies form? What is it like on distant worlds? The most powerful space telescope ever constructed is helping Edinburgh scientists answer some of the biggest questions in the Universe.

Life beyond our planet

Sarah LincolnMar 10, 20228 min read
Could humans live on the Moon and Mars? Professor of Astrobiology Charles Cockell is, with the help of prisoners, on a mission to answer how we might survive the extreme and confined conditions of space settlement.

A new spin on the Universe

Corin CampbellFeb 7, 20224 min read
The Universe is full of spin – from the micro whirl of a molecule to the epic revolution of a galaxy. Experts have now identified possibly the largest of them all.

From above the Earth to the plate

David LeeFeb 7, 20228 min read
Food production is under strain as demand grows, especially in areas buffeted by climate change. Data from satellites – combined with more earthly information – can help feed the world.

The sky’s no limit

corin-campbellJun 4, 20216 min read
As the first female Astronomer Royal for Scotland, Professor Catherine Heymans is on a mission to lift our eyes to the marvels of the universe.

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