An illustration of an android playing the piano in an abandoned warehouse

AI and me

For almost six decades, Edinburgh has been a world-leader in developing systems that underpin generative AI, including machine learning and Natural Language Processing.

Our new Generative AI Laboratory (GAIL) will unite the University’s world-leading research and innovation in AI to develop safe solutions and systems for industry and government and bring substantial benefits to those who use them.

Using AI’s power to fight climate change

Corin CampbellDec 7, 20239 min read
Whether climate change or AI poses the greatest threat to humanity depends on which of the world’s brightest minds you ask. But how can the power of the latter be harnessed to help tackle the former?

How AI can help us live better for longer

Jennifer TruelandNov 20, 20239 min read
As populations become older and greyer, the more they rely on over-stretched health services and families. Can AI play a role in helping make our golden years truly golden?

AI’s moment of truth

Stephen PhelanSep 18, 202310 min read
AI is creating increasingly convincing, but fake, versions of reality. What does this mean for professions that pursue veracity, such as the law and journalism?

Image credit: piano android image generated using Adobe Firefly.