AI and me

For almost six decades, Edinburgh has been a world-leader in developing systems that underpin generative AI, including machine learning and Natural Language Processing. In this series we explore how AI could be used to the benefit of humanity.

Our People

Illustrated view of planet Earth and the Moon from space.

On a space mission

Oct 12, 20238 min read
As the University’s Space Sector Business Development Lead, Kristina Tamane is on a mission to launch collaborations between academia and industry that are out of this world.
katia popova smiling to camera

Stepping up

Sep 19, 20236 min read
When hundreds of Ukrainian children arrived in Edinburgh’s schools Katia Popova and her students organised tutoring, translation and tunes.
KNU students at the University of Edinburgh's School of Chemistry

Rebuilding a war-torn country: Meeting the future of Ukraine

May 31, 20238 min read
A pioneering Twinning Initiative has boosted bonds between Edinburgh and Ukraine, strengthening the cross-border exchange of people and ideas.